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Bill Medland billmedland at
Wed Dec 17 09:10:30 CST 2003

On December 16, 2003 06:39 pm, Chris Morgan wrote:
> I was chatting with Rudolf Kastl(che on #winehq) and he was mentioning the
> things that he was doing for the rpm package.  One of the patches he
> applies to wine prior to packaging it is a patch that creates local user
> config files if they don't exist.  This helps end users as they don't have
> to worry about the package maintainer providing valid config files.  I
> thought this sounded like a pretty neat idea to improve usability.  The
> patch currently copies files from /etc/* which means they would need to be
> installed there during the process.
> I was wondering if it would make more sense during the compile process to
> take the default configuration files, config, system.reg, user.reg and
> userdef.reg and convert these to binary form and compile them into the wine
> binary itself.  We could detect the lack of these files at startup and
> install them for the user.

I don't like the idea; I much prefer the idea of copying them from somewhere 
in /etc, as redhat does.  The default config file in /etc can then be 
modified so that it matches the distribution (redhat have their cd at 
/mnt/cdrom) and it can be modified by the sysadmin

> Another feature could be a command line switch that would rebuild a users
> config, like:
> 'wine --rebuild-config'
> that would reset the users config back to the defaults.

Interesting idea
> Sound like something reasonable?  Should we instead be putting the default
> files somewhere on the users machine and copying them over like the patch
> does?
> Chris

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