winemine2 winelib example

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Mon Dec 22 21:18:20 CST 2003

After reading about the winamp3 source code release I've been interested in 
working with winelib.  I've been trying to get the winemine2 example to work 
from the winelib documentation

After doing the winemaker and configure step I run make and get:

~/wine/programs/winemine2$ make
sed -e 's, at bindir\@,/usr/local/bin,g' -e 's, at winelibdir\@,.,g' ./ >wineapploader || rm -f wineapploader
LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/home/cmorgan/wine/libs:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" /home/cmorgan/wine/
tools/winebuild/winebuild -o winemine2.exe.dbg.c --debug -C. dialog.c main.c
gcc -c  -I.  -I/home/cmorgan/wine/include -g -O2 -fPIC    -D_REENTRANT -o 
winemine2.exe.dbg.o winemine2.exe.dbg.c
LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/home/cmorgan/wine/libs:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" /home/cmorgan/wine/
tools/wrc/wrc   -I.  -I/home/cmorgan/wine/include -o En.res En.rc
En.rc:23:22: Error: syntax error
make: *** [En.res] Error 1

I'm not sure what the issue is with En.rc, I've compared it against other 
resource files and it looks quite similar.  

I edited the Makefile to just use rsrc.rc as winemine2_exe_RC_SRCS and this 
let me get further and build the standalone app but when I remove the binary 
resource files like winemine.ico and the *.bmp files these aren't rebuilt.  
Extracting them manually from rsrc.rc with wrc works however.  

Are the docs out of date on this?  Bug in winemaker?


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