Key exist query in registry

Brett I. Holcomb brettholcomb at
Sat Dec 27 11:42:36 CST 2003

I can't tell you off the top of my head since it's been a while since I did 
any Windows work.  However, you might check the Installshield site docs for 
REG functions.  They have a bunch that you call to query the registry and are 
modeled on the MS ones.  If I remember correctly MS C has them also - maybe 
check the MS knowledge base for info on registry functions.  There are 
functions that you can call and they return success or failure.

On Saturday 27 December 2003 12:40, Zimler Attila wrote:
> Hi List,
> Can somebody help me in what is the standard way to query if a key
> exists in the registry? I try to implement addig new key in regedit.
> Attila

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