wchar_t on GNU and Win32 - two worlds apart !

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sat Dec 27 14:23:23 CST 2003

Subhobroto Sinha wrote:
> If you test the .lnk (DAEMON_TOOLS.LNK), you will see that the program crashes in the function:
> unsigned int WineWorksShortcutResolver::UnicodeToANSI(const WCHAR* wszInUnicode,unsigned int uiLen,char* szOutANSI)
> at the GLibc function:
> wcstombs(..)

I'm way out of touch with Wine these days, but here's

1. If you want to get something useful done, switch to C.  Mixing
g++ and Winelib seems to be a bit tricky, and you might end up
spending all your time on that instead of solving the problem you
originally wanted to solve.

2. If you insist on using C++:
if the problem resists analysis, perhaps you could use Valgrind
to help track down the problem.  It's pretty easy to build the
wine edition of valgrind, and you don't need any special changes
to wine.  You can download valgrind's sources at http://valgrind.kde.org
Look for the 20031012-wine version.
- Dan

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