winemine2 winelib example

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Tue Dec 30 14:37:20 CST 2003

> This was the first time that I learned about the
> existence and purpose of winegcc. I couldn't find any 
> information in the Winelib user's guide
> nor is there a man page. Is winegcc quite new? Is more 
> information available somewhere?

Mea culpa. winegcc is relatively new, but this is no
excuse for the lack of documentation. I should have
fixed that some time ago, but Real Life (TM) cought up
with me lately.

However, the situation is not so bad. The vision behind
winegcc is simple: if you can build your project with
MinGW, simply change the defintion of the Makefile 
variables CC/CXX/CPP/WRC from gcc/g++/cpp/windres to 
winegcc/wineg++/winecpp/wrc and you should be all set.
(I thrown winecpp in there for completeness, but very
few projects will need to worry about it).

Of course, things are not 100% perfect, but they are
OK, and in theory there shoudn't be a need for a lot
more documentation than what I have in this email :)))

Let me know if you need a hand.

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