Debugging crashes in 16 bit code?

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sun Feb 2 03:05:49 CST 2003

Dan Kegel wrote:
> How does one tell what DLL contains a particular
> segment of 16 bit code in winedbg?
that's no longer supported in winedbg (we don't generate in Wine the 
native 16 bit DLL loading events, so we don't catch them in winedbg)
a way to do it is to trace +module and get the address from here
(BTW, this is on Alexandre's and my todo list for quite a while now, but 
with a low priority ATM).

> Which FM did I fail to R?   I did have a look at
> but it doesn't seem to even think winedbg can disassemble
> stuff by itself, so I wonder if that's not quite up to date.
what about ?
(and all chapter 2 of developer guide ?)

Eric Pouech

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