GDI question

Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Tue Feb 4 05:24:09 CST 2003

>You'll be surprised, but I think that there are at least 10+ people from MS 
>here in this list, and they watch this list as well others (like WineX and 
>ReWind) very carefully, and of-course, they inform people about Wine 
>progress. (hi guys ;)
>BTW - most of those people don't use their email address..
How do you know that? Or is it just a guess? I seem to remember in one 
of the Halloween memos they referred to an "egg" box which contained 
mirrors of many open source projects mailing list archives, Samba in 
particular, which I guess would make far more sense than having 
everybody subscribed using personal accounts.

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