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Kristoffer Ericson kristoffer_e1 at
Wed Feb 5 10:16:29 CST 2003


I've been trying to get StarSiege Tribes 1 to work on wine, basicly this is 
what's currently wrong:

* As soon as any key is pressed, wine quits
= Fix with native dinput.dll version dx4->dx6

* Opengl isn't detected and impossible to choose
= Currently no fix, although it works to use glidewrappers. Don't know
what Tribes uses to detect opengl.

The basic errors i'm getting in the terminal is.

fixme:dinput:IDirectInputDevice2AImpl_EnumObjects (!stub)
err:dinput:SysMouseAImpl_Unacquire Unacquiring a not-acquired device !!!

The first fixme, makes me hope that if that is fixed it might get Tribes to 
work using our own builtin dinput.dll

My other question is this, if i want to use glide (got a voodoo3) how do i 
enable and use this in wine?

Do i do a ./configure --enable-glide or --with-glide ?
And so on..

I've compiled Mesa with glide support and installed the glidev3 package 
(using gentoo).

Haven't been able to find any info on the homepage or mailing lists, and if 
needed i could compile a nfo file covering the subject once i understand it 

I would like to point out also that Tribes is working quite well in software 
mode and since late fall last year i've noticed that many problems has 

Btw, using daily cvs so got the latest patches.

Best wishes Kristoffer

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