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Sat Feb 8 17:11:31 CST 2003

Attached is a perl prog that taked David's original HTML output with a 
single necessary preprocessing (replacing each <br> with <br>\n), and 
issues a list of the DLLs (no deps as of yet) in the order discussed 
before (i.e. - A depends on B -> A is higher, A has more dependants than 
B -> A is higher).

I will now work on displaying this in a table. Shouldn't be too 
difficult (the fact that the table will be 238 coloumns wide 
nonwithstanding). Could be worse. The table is 1141 lines long.

This does not work with David's new prog yet, but as the both of them 
are in perl I am sure it will not be too big a deal to merge the two 
progs into one. This will just simplify the process of getting the 
initial input (currently parsed from the HTML).


Shachar Shemesh wrote:

>Havn't had a chance to look at your script yet, but I am two hours' work away 
>from something that parses the original HTML you gave, and outputs the monster 
>in the form Dimi and I suggested. I will attach it later today, and then you 
>can merge the two, if you like.
>        Shachar
>Quoting David Miller <compsol at>:
>>I thought a few of you might be interested in the current status of this
>>script, so here is an update.  I will attach a copy in case anyone wants
>>test it, or add functionality or fixes.  I'd be interested in the
>>results of
>>any tests, especially if you discover any parsing errors.
>>It is far from complete, but at this stage does the following:
>>- Scan a given path, locating all dll files
>>- Generate an HTML map of dll imports only (sorted, lowercase, stripped
>>- dumpbin /import and dumpbin /export on all dll files and save the
>>in imports.txt and exports.txt respectively
>>- parse imports.txt as follows, and save the results in
>>    DLL name    imported DLL    imported API
>>- parse exports.txt as follows, and save the results in
>>    DLL name    exported API
>>Future plans:
>>- Create a matrix of data currently in HTML map
>>- Generate HTML cross reference of all imported/exported API
>>- Implement dumping of data into a database (Something queryable, but
>>- Detect and report unimplemented APIs in wine

Shachar Shemesh
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