Windows API (What I have so far)

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Sun Feb 9 16:25:58 CST 2003

David Miller wrote:

> I checked my system for gdiplus.dll.  It simply is not under 
> c:\windows\system32, which is the path I gave when I made the sample 
> HTML.  It is under c:\windows\winsxs.
> The new program strips the path and dll extension in the HTML output.  
> Would it be better to reverse that change, and include the path and 
> extension to be compatible with your parser? 

I don't think that would be necessary. Just make sure that in the HTML 
you add a real NL after each <br> (or otherwise make the interesting 
parts at most one per line), and that SHOULD work.

My parser removed the path if it's there, and removes the extension if 
it's .dll. If the files have no path and no extension, that should still 
work fine (I would love to either have you check that, or give me an up 
to date HTML for me to check against).


Shachar Shemesh
Open Source integration consultant

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