Wine default install queries - Wine 20030115

Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Thu Feb 13 12:00:13 CST 2003

J. Grant wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there a reason e:\test is in the default path when I install from 
> CVS? (this dir does not exist) 

Curious its been there for over two years does anyone object to having 
it removed?

> There is no windows version defined in the [Version] block, should a 
> windows version be defined to use as default? 

The short answer is that it should not be required

> Drive F: was setup as CDROM, even though the ./tools/wineinstall  said
> it could not find the CDROM during the process I think.  Checking fstab
> for "cdrom" would determine the cdrom drive(s) on most computers. 

This should work. A log of the relevant part of ./tools/wineinstall 
would be good.

> [Drive C] was setup as type "win95", however its had label "MS-DOS", I 
> think
> this would be better as "wine" by default, could this be considered 
> please? 

Well to be case correct "Wine". I think this is a holdover from when 
wine "needed windows" so the drive would be "MS-DOS" as oppossed to 
"*nix" The label is irrelavant to wine but.(ahem) isn't "MS-DOS" a (tm). 
Anyways changing it would not hurt any objections or other suggestions?  



Tony Lambregts

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