VC++ nmake not working with Wine 20030115 when it worked with 200208xx

J. Grant jg-lists at
Thu Feb 13 18:29:54 CST 2003


Bien recu votre email.

> did you upgrade VC in the meantime ?

Non, c'est tout comme avant.

> were you using native or builtin msvcrt ?

Well, "config" [DllOverrides]  has this line below, and I placed the
msvcrt.dll in the mnake.exe dir, so I believe it could have been using 
it before.

config line:
"msvcrt"       = "native, builtin"

msvcrt.dll is still in the bin dir, so when i run nmake from wcmd or on 
a bash shell wine --.namke.exe it still has the same problem.  Just in 
case I put some common dlls that I used to get other programs running 
(in the specific dir again) and called nmake again.  Wine debugger 
started agian with the same issue as before.

from bash I ran:
wine -dll msvcrt,comctl32,comdlg32,mspdb60,commdlg=n 



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