2GB visible partition size

J. Grant jg at jguk.org
Thu Feb 13 14:28:32 CST 2003


> Actually Alexandre hasn't commented on it, so if it doesn't bit rot it 
> still could be commited. However, at the time, there were some negative 
> comments about it.  It seems that the major concern is that it should do 
> more than it does. The relevant thread on its pros and cons is here.
> http://www.winehq.com/hypermail/wine-devel/2003/01/0600.html

Some interesting comments.  Regarding the partition description (win95,
unix, ntfs), it seems to only be the format of the filenames and the
permissions, perhaps there is an independent way of stating this? such
as "legacyfs" and "unixfs"...

If the FS is specified as win95 that is an alias of fat32/vfat and this
does not have 2GB file limit as I recall.  So I'm not sure why this
problem is even occuring.

Does NTFS FS really get returned to win9x applications that might have
been made before they could know about NTFS?

> At this point I have seen nothing to convince me that there is anything 
> wrong with the patch, in fact I am quite pleased with it.

Well, I would like to see this added to wine, Alexandre, would you
comment on this issue please?



p.s. That <bewilderment> block by you was just hysterical :)

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