wcmd autoexec.bat?

J. Grant jg-lists at jguk.org
Mon Feb 17 17:59:04 CST 2003


Bodo Wenzel wrote:
>> I think this is a key feature, I would like to use this to set some
>> environment variables, currently I have to run a batch file manually each
>> time I start wcmd.  Could this be considered for implementation please?
> The real-mode emulator 'dosemu' has an option to use another extension for 
> 'autoexec.bat' and 'config.sys'. How about 'autoexec.wine' and 'config.wine', 
> respectively? Just my EUR 0.02 ;-)

This looks like an interesting idea you have Bodo. "autoexec.wine" would
be useful.

In the case of MS-WinNT and beyond MS have gone for the enviroment
variable settings in
the "System" section of control pannel.

How about adding a section to the Wine "config" file to support this
modern way of working?

For example:

[Environment Variables]
;System wide Wine specific environment variables useful for all apps
"INCLUDE" = "d:\\vs\\vc98\\include;d:\\vs\\common\\msdev98\\include"
"LIB" = "d:\\vs\\vc98\\lib"
"MYENV" = "123467890"

This would improve things I believe.



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