wcmd/wine default window configuration

davep davep at cyw.uklinux.net
Fri Feb 21 16:22:15 CST 2003

On Thursday 20 Feb 2003 22:41, J. Grant wrote:
> Hello
> I have been using wcmd lately, its been really useful to my research.
> However, could wcmd default to its "command history" (a la doskey) value
> to something other than zero please? Perhaps 50 would be enough, it
> would not take up much memory for the queue strcture I think.

AFAIK cmd.exe uses an undocumented kernel function GetConsoleCommandHistory(), 
so it will be necessary to document that and then implement it.

> It would be great if the wcmd text area was bigger too, current it
> starts as 80x25, however, if I change it to 80x80 in the wcmd prefs
> (then resize the window, as it does not auto adjust) and type "dir" the
> same top 80x25 chars are the only ones used to display text.  I ran
> cmd.exe from within wcmd and the same problem showed up.  So it appears
> that its either the way Wine displays windows, or wcmd.  I tried
> "wineconsole ./cmd.exe" too, that locked up my terminal with lots of
> NCURSES fixme printf's.
> cmd.exe in MS-Windows is resizable vertically, and the extra lines are
> used.

The directory command is hard-coded in wcmd/directory.c to use 25 lines as the 
screen depth. Maybe it should check the console size, though I don't know 
whether the console routines have the necessary support yet.

Dave Pickles

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