Fast thread-local storage for OpenGL drivers

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Feb 22 10:12:22 CST 2003

Dan Kegel wrote:
> Gareth Hughes wrote:
>> It is critically important for OpenGL drivers to have fast
>> (single-instruction) access to thread local variables. ...
>> While glibc's new thread library implementation has many benefits,
>> particularly to application programmers (with support for the new keyword
>> '__thread', and so on), it basically forces a function call per thread 
>> local
>> variable access for situations like the one I described above. ...
>> Comments, questions are welcome.
> Hi Gareth,
> I forwarded your note to the NPTL mailing list.
> Roland McGrath replied, and suggests that you might want to
> reread the TLS paper
> (I think he's referring to 
> which appears to be offline at the moment) ...

I've been corrected.  The two TLS documents are and

There have been a few good replies on the NPTL list;
see e.g.
in which Roland expands a bit on his first post.
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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