Report after porting a windows app to WINE

Mike Hearn mike at
Fri Feb 28 13:34:33 CST 2003

> 3.  Function key F6 is not trapped.

Can you explain this one a bit further? You mean Wine doesn't forward it
to the app?
> 4.  The cursor colors are off.  For example, the voltage probe
>     cursor should have a red body.  In WINE it's black.  The sleeve
>     of the pointing hand is blue, in WINE it's black.

Ah, I think that's not a bug in wine per se, as up until yesterday no
stable release of X could actually do coloured cursors. The XCursor
extension that comes in with XFree 4.3 adds support for colour,
animated, alpha blended cursors, as opposed to the old system that was 1
bit only.

The solution here is to add support for XCursor uploads to Wine. File a
bug against it I guess, write it yourself, or hire a Wine developer to
do it for you.

> I would like to know if there is a way to determine if my app is
> running
> under WINE under runtime.  That way I can work around more of these
> problems without imparing its performance under MS Windows.  If you
> know
> the answer, please e-mail me directly.

As has already been pointed out, it'd be much better for you to actually
fix bugs in Wine rather than work around them in your own app when
possible - that way, everybody wins :) In particular, if in the future
the bug is fixed, your workarounds will either break or become

thanks -mike

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