NT4 SP 6a entries

Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Fri Jan 3 18:48:59 CST 2003

On Friday 03 January 2003 12:26 am, Sylvain Petreolle wrote:
> On Dec 19, you made a patch to add the SP6a registry key to
> winedefault.reg.
> Today, I made a cvs update and imported winedefault.reg into my
> registry.
> Trying to install the .NET Framework Package, with nt40 as windows
> version,
> it says to install SP6a ot higher.
>  Are you sure its the right hotfix/is there an another way to check
> if SP6a is installed ?

I don't know... of course, ultimately, the answer will always be: yes 
there is another way to find out if it's SP6a :(  Anyone able to check 
my work, however, by comparing against their SP6a box?

It's an interesting result.  If .net framework is a free download (that 
doesn't require me to sacrifice my first born to Steve Balmer), then 
I'll check it out...


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