CorelDraw 4 almost working

Claudiu Costin claudiuc at
Sat Jan 4 08:20:05 CST 2003

          Dear friends,

  I managed to run CorelDraw4 at home. Without
any Windows already installed from which to 
"borrow" DLL's. Just what I've got from MS
website. OK, I have  a valid CorelDraw4 license
and I want to use it.

  CorelDraw crash when I want to click on menus.
Specifically it crash when it encounter to access

OLEGETCLIPBOARD from ole2.dll 

This are wine_stubs.

  Is someone kind enough to implement them just as
little stubs, just to not have CorelDraw crashed?
This functions need aditional functionality to
be implemented or these are "standalone"?

  I dont' have programming expertise, but I promise
to be a good betatester.

kind regards,
Claudiu Costin, claudiuc at
Linux-KDE Romania

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