WIP RPC test code (RFC): rpc_K01-pre2.diff

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 4 15:58:34 CST 2003

> o Failure in the child process doesn't cause failure of
>   the test (is there someone else who has this solved
>   for their test whose code I can borrow?)
couldn't you test the output of GetExitProcess (and ensure that when a 
test fails, we somehow return an error code) ?

> o rpcss.exe.so runs from the INSTALLED wine, not from
>   the build tree!! This is totally unacceptable, but
>   I'm not sure what would be a wise way to solve the
>   problem. I need to change the way rpcss gets invoked
>   by rpcrt4.dll. The best I can think of so far, would
>   be to provide some global override (via a function
>   call, I guess) for where rpcss.exe.so should be found,
>   and then use this "feature" to ensure that during testing,
>   rpcss.exe.so is invoked from the build tree instead of
>   from the PATH environment variable. Any thoughts on this?
what about an environment variable ?
we already use something like this for the wineserver (WINESERVER), the 
wine console (WINECONSOLE)... why not rpcss (WINERPCSS) ?

> o There's a way to tell midl to deal with these namespace
>   issues automagically so that the same .exe can be it's
>   own client and server without a namespace conflict....
>   anyone know of such a feature?
there isn't is ATM
however, MS' midl has a /prefix option that does just what you need
sounds like the way to go

(another solution would be to put either client or server in a DLL (in 
fact a wine builtin DLL) so that you separate the name space between to two


Eric Pouech

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