problem building tests with msvc6

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Sun Jan 5 21:18:17 CST 2003

On Sun, 5 Jan 2003, Dan Kegel wrote:
> Oh, you're talking about the batch file in

Yep, that's the one.

> I guess I could use that, though it'd be nice if it were
> in cvs, or automatically generated.

Yes, it would be nice to generate it automatically... from msvcmaker for

> In order to use it,
> I'll have to write a script that moves all the newly built .exe's
> to the top level directory.

You can adapt the following script which I use to generate the file (but it's a very ad-hoc script):


zip -j \
        dlls/advapi32/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/advapi32_test.exe \
        dlls/dsound/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/dsound_test.exe \
        dlls/gdi/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/gdi32_test.exe \
        dlls/kernel/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/kernel32_test.exe \
        dlls/msvcrt/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/msvcrt_test.exe \
        dlls/netapi32/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/netapi32_test.exe \
        dlls/ntdll/tests/Output/Win32_Wine_Headers/ntdll_test.exe \
        dlls/oleaut32/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/oleaut32_test.exe \
        dlls/rpcrt4/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/rpcrt4_test.exe \
        dlls/shell32/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/shell32_test.exe \
        dlls/shlwapi/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/shlwapi_test.exe \
        dlls/urlmon/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/urlmon_test.exe \
        dlls/user/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/user32_test.exe \
        dlls/wininet/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/wininet_test.exe \
        dlls/winmm/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/winmm_test.exe \
        dlls/winsock/tests/Output/Win32_MSVC_Headers/ws2_32_test.exe \

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