DirectSound and i810 soundcards

Francois Gouget fgouget at
Tue Jan 7 14:50:24 CST 2003

Glen Kaukola wrote:
> Ok, here's output from dsound_test.exe, I heard all 6 sounds:
 > C:\Documents and Settings\sauron\Desktop>winmm_test.exe wave
 > wave.c:182:found 1 WaveOut devices
 > wave.c:206:  0: "AC'97 Sound Card" 5.0 (1:100): channels=65535
 > formats=0fff support=002c

Interesting. This indicates that the soundcard supports 11, 22 and 44kHz 
though what it really supports is probably just 48kHz. But I think only 
the XP drivers know how to report the 48 and 96kHz formats so that may 
be normal. However:
  * either the driver claims these other formats are supported but will 
in fact convert them to 48kHz, alal Alsa.
  * or you card is a sofisticated i810 soundcard and really supports all 

 > wave.c:150:Playing 440Hz LA at 11025x 8x1 0000
 > wave.c:150:Playing 440Hz LA at 11025x 8x1 0008

So even with WAVE_FORMAT_DIRECT the sound plays fine. Interesting. Do 
you have Linux installed on this machine? What's the output if you run 
the test as follows?

WINEOPTIONS="--debugmsg +wave" ../../../tools/runtest -P wine -M 
winmm.dll -T ../../.. -p wave.c 2>&1 | grep "OSS dsp 
out mask"

Assuming you are using OSS, this will tell us exactly what formats OSS 
thinks the card supports (that's lots of assumptions he?).

> C:\Documents and Settings\sauron\Desktop>dsound_test.exe dsound
> dsound.c:373:Testing Primary Sound Driver -
> dsound.c:387:  DirectSound Caps: flags=0x00000b5b secondary min=8000 max=48000

DirectSound claims that the sound card support any sample rate between 
8000 and 48000 Hz. That's interesting because:
  * we alway return 100 and 100000 as the limits. It seems Windows 
returns actual values, not that applications use them anyway I suspect.
  * i810 sound cards normally only supposed to only support 1 sample 
rate, 48kHz. So maybe Windows 2000 is lying just like Ove said Windows 
XP lies...

> The sounds all seem to be the same exact note and just at different 
> volumes on the first test.  Heh, or I'm completely tone deaf.

Great, that's how it should be. The bug would be if some tone had a 
different pitch than others (either in dsound or winmm) due to incorrect 
sound format conversions.

Thanks a lot for this data.

Francois Gouget
fgouget at

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