distcc and wine

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Wed Jan 8 02:40:10 CST 2003

I saw (reading my referrer logs :-) people were interested in distcc
with Wine, so I thought I would add it to distcc's performance

Across three machines I saw a 2.58x speedup -- details are attached.
The machines were all 1GB, 1700MHz Pentium IV with a 100Mbps switched
connection.  Building on just one took 22m57s, and across all three
took 8m53s.  There is probably still some scheduling inefficiency
here, which I hope to reduce over the next few months.

I'm not sure what was happening with the person who saw little change.
Perhaps they had distcc misconfigured, or perhaps they hit a bug.
Either way I would be interested in hearing the details
($DISTCC_HOSTS, etc) and seeing if I can help fix it.

I hope you find ccache and distcc useful.  Wine is a cool project.

Please cc me on replies.

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cd /home/mbp/work/distcc/head/bench/
cd ~/work/distcc/head/bench && python benchmark.py Wine-20021219
% cd packages && echo '0091d9173290430a98f7d772b9deb06f *Wine-20021219.tar.gz' | md5sum -c /dev/stdin
	0.216357s elapsed

% rm -rf build/wine-20021219
	0.422366s elapsed

% cd build && tar xfz /home/mbp/work/distcc/head/bench/packages/Wine-20021219.tar.gz
	2.24778s elapsed

% cd build/wine-20021219 && \
DISTCC_LOG='/home/mbp/work/distcc/head/bench/log/Wine-20021219/gcc-3.2__/distcc-configure.log' \
CC='gcc-3.2' \
./configure \
>/home/mbp/work/distcc/head/bench/log/Wine-20021219/gcc-3.2__/configure.log 2>&1
	75.9896s elapsed

% cd build/wine-20021219 && \
make \
DISTCC_LOG='/home/mbp/work/distcc/head/bench/log/Wine-20021219/gcc-3.2__/distcc-build.log' \
CC='gcc-3.2' \
>/home/mbp/work/distcc/head/bench/log/Wine-20021219/gcc-3.2__/build.log 2>&1
	1377.24s elapsed

% rm -rf build/wine-20021219
	1.76542s elapsed

% cd build && tar xfz /home/mbp/work/distcc/head/bench/packages/Wine-20021219.tar.gz
	1.29877s elapsed

% cd build/wine-20021219 && \
DISTCC_LOG='/home/mbp/work/distcc/head/bench/log/Wine-20021219/distcc_gcc-3.2__-j8/distcc-configure.log' \
CC='distcc gcc-3.2' \
./configure \
>/home/mbp/work/distcc/head/bench/log/Wine-20021219/distcc_gcc-3.2__-j8/configure.log 2>&1
	48.7698s elapsed

% cd build/wine-20021219 && \
make \
DISTCC_LOG='/home/mbp/work/distcc/head/bench/log/Wine-20021219/distcc_gcc-3.2__-j8/distcc-build.log' \
CC='distcc gcc-3.2' \
-j8 \
>/home/mbp/work/distcc/head/bench/log/Wine-20021219/distcc_gcc-3.2__-j8/build.log 2>&1
	533.498s elapsed

% rm -rf build/wine-20021219
	1.38409s elapsed

{('Wine-20021219', 'distcc_gcc-3.2__-j8'): 533.4975380897522,
 ('Wine-20021219', 'gcc-3.2__'): 1377.2423900365829}

Compilation finished at Wed Jan  8 19:30:06

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