widl patch

Kari Hurtta hurtta+wine-users-1 at ozone.fmi.fi
Thu Jan 9 06:51:40 CST 2003

Comment about


| I don't see why it can't be there if we do something like
| #define RpcTryExcept __try
| ...
| #else
| #define RpcTryExcept if (1)
| ...
| #endif
| People compiling Windows apps under Winelib would usually need to use a
| compiler with a lot of extensions anyway, and people needing to compile
| RPC/DCOM marshalling code should either use such a compiler, know what
| they're doing, or (when it becomes possible) use widl to generate such
| code.

One hint:

Sendmail 8.12 uses also exception mecanism.

On it's implementation 'try' uses setjmp()

( Look macros include/sm/exc.h -- you can not of course copy these
   but that should tell enough that it is doable just plain C )

/ Kari Hurtta

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