Registering DLL's

John K. Hohm jhohm at
Thu Jan 9 16:30:38 CST 2003

Quoting Alexandre Julliard <julliard at>:

> Please do it in one dll only for now and submit that; once it's tested
> and integrated we can start copying it around. Also I'd suggest

Okay.  Should I perhaps start with something better-used than comcat (perhaps 
ole32) so that testing will be likely to fail quickly if it's broken?

> putting the Dll(Un)RegisterServer functions in the same .c file so
> that you don't need a .h at all, this way there will be less
> duplication.

Are you suggesting that the static data defining which classes and
interfaces to register be located in the same file as the implementation of
the (un)registration functions?  That would make copying the implementation
around even more work, since I couldn't just copy regsvr.[hc] and keep the
differing data in the respective dll-specific sources.

I suppose you could also mean that *only* the static data be stored in a dll-
specific file, with predefined variable names to be found by the regsvr.c, but 
that still requires a regsvr.h to get the struct definitions.

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