Expected name, id, length or ordinal error

John Westerman johnw at clearobjective.com.au
Fri Jan 10 01:12:55 CST 2003

Hi Everybody,


I'm currently trying to compile the basic Win32 "Hello world" project that
VC6 generates for you using Wine.

Currently I'm running winemaker like this:


winemaker --nomfc -I/usr/local/wine/include 

















I've also added the header files that would have been found in the StdAfx.h
to my main.cpp.

This is because Winemaker wouldn't build with StdAfx.h in the directory, so
I deleted it.


This is the error I now get when I run make


./hellotest.spec:8: Expected name, id, length or ordinal



My hellotest.spec looks like this:

name hellotest

type win32

mode guiexe

init WinMain

rsrc hellotest.res


import kernel32.lib

import user32.lib <- line of failure



Any Ideas?


Thanks in Advance,



John Westerman

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