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>About duplication - I think it's probably most likely that the best course would be
>to copy the KHTML source into the Wine tree, because I'd expect modifications would
>be needed in order to support all the IEisms that will crop up in regular usage of
>the WebBrowser control. KHTML out of the box won't, and never will support ActiveX,
>IE specific markup or any of the other proprietary stuff MS threw in for fun during
>the browser wars. The KDE team would rightly reject such patches from being integrated
>into upstream.

 As i know, khtml support most of the IE-isms (for compatibility, try to actve "IE support" in konqueror).
 And for ActiveX, it must be simply supported by a khtml plugin (as crossover plugin do)

>thanks -mike
>Mike Hearn <m.hearn at>
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