Help with /?? stuff

Alberto Massari alby at
Mon Jan 13 03:39:06 CST 2003

At 20.24 10/01/2003 +0200, Shachar Shemesh wrote:
>Alberto Massari wrote:
>>BTW, do you need any help on this task?
>"Need" is a strong term. I can complete the task on my own, but your help 
>will be most welcome (in other words, if there is another aread of Wine 
>that needs your attention and noone seems to be working on, that would be 
>a better use of everyone's time). If you want to help with wineboot, I 
>think the best place to start is with the "win.ini" processing, and then 
>to port Andy's function to run whole "run" keys to the new prog.
>If you do decide to help with wineboot, please email me in private when 
>starting to work on each activity, to prevent "competition" on writing 
>stuff in.

Unfortunately I'm currently fully booked on trying to fix the bugs that 
prevent ole32 and shell32 from working with IE6; but installing IE6 needs a 
working wineboot, so, whenever I succeed in the first task, I will start 
working on wineboot.


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