problem building tests with msvc6

Paul Millar paulm at
Tue Jan 14 10:20:46 CST 2003

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Francois Gouget wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Jan 2003, Dan Kegel wrote:
> [...]
> > Also, *what tests* are you running on those versions
> > of ms-windows?  AFAIK, all our tests are win32...

Sorry, I missed that bit.  Nope, none of the tests are running on a
Windows platform at the moment, they're all running on Wine.

> That also had me confused for a while. In fact none of the tests are
> running on Windows. They are all running on Wine and Wine is told to
> emulate Win95, Win98, etc.

Yes, they're all running on Wine.  The original idea was to run a set of
tests (at the moment, just the conformance tests) every time CVS changes.  
That way problems are spotted as soon as they happen.

When Francois discovered that the conformance tests aren't actually
testing real Windows behaviour I figured there was another, deeper
problem: not so much fixing the broken tests but keeping them fixed.

I've been working on adding that functionality to WRT so that it also
checks the tests on various Windows platforms every time the tests change.  
I'm currently having trouble building the MinGW-cross compiler, but
hopefully once that's fixed I should be able to get things going :)

> It's not that it not useful, it is. It's just that at first I hoped it
> was running the tests on the real thing and reported the results. But I
> guess that was a bit unrealistic.

With a bit of luck the tests should be up "soon".

Paul Millar

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