Winedbg: Open Xterm when Controlling console no more available

Eric POUECH Eric.Pouech at
Tue Jan 14 14:39:49 CST 2003

> When the starting application spawns off other processes and exec itself,
> with the other spawned processes still running, and one of these
> processes crashes, and winedbg is configured to work on the starting
> console, winedbg starts, loads all dll, but then exits
> immediate due to the missing console.
can you be a bit more precise in the description. 
there are two possible cases :
A/ either winedbg (in fact the debugging state of the debuggee) is set so that the debugger will only debug the debuggee and not its child processes
B/ or winedbg is set up to debug the debuggee and all its children

in case A, the situation you describe shouldn't be a problem, as the crash in the child should open another debugger with another console
in case B, you may have problem because winedbg is likely not to like the second loading of a process (see my previous mail on winedbg). I'd rather see being a problem (perhaps because of overlapping DLLs...)

does the loading dll message appears in the console as the first debugger or another one ? (you can turn on an option in the console which keeps the console opened after the program - here the debugger - has terminated)


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