Add check to SetMenuItemInfo

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed Jan 15 06:22:13 CST 2003

"Mike Hearn" <m.hearn at> wrote:

> > A conformance test to show the real behaviour is urgently required.
> If you mean one that tries every combination of flags to see what
> Windows returns then that's beyond my capabilities and current toolset
> (no real windows development tools).

That's too bad.

> I ran QuickTime 6 in Logview, and
> it shows up as "bad parameter" and the calls return false, and as the
> problem seemed to be having BITMAP and SEPARATOR set at the same time I
> thought for now it'd be good enough to just check for that, as this
> makes IE6 and QuickTime work properly.
> Should I resubmit the patch with my mistake corrected?

I would suggest to revert your patch until we will find what exactly causes
IE6 and QuickTime to fail.


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