Add filesytem type NTFS to config

Philipp Wollermann phil_wo at
Wed Jan 15 13:32:20 CST 2003

From: "Keith Matthews" <keith_m at>
> Perhaps we should be looking at it in another way ? for example does
> know of applications that use the fs type as a sort of 'work on 9X but
> not NT' type of test. Given the variation of silly checks for the
> registry this is a possibility and might be a major factor.

I can't imagine any program beeing so silly to say "NTFS" = "Windows NT" and
"FAT" = "Windows 9x", as you can install WinNT on a FAT partition.. but you
never know. Why don't we make it configurable in the wine.conf (or is it?)?

By the way we could get rid of this "win95" = "vfat" thing, else we would
have to support "ntfs" = "winnt" as well. ;-)


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