Launch a unix process from wcmd?

Greg Turner gmturner007 at
Sat Jan 18 08:56:52 CST 2003

I am trying write scripts to mangle the output of MIDL.  After MIDL 
runs, I need to do a tiny amount of post-processing using UNIX apps 
(convert from CRLF, for starters).

So, I have batch file that I run under wine to invoke MIDL and get the 
output I want; My question is: is there some way I can invoke my unix 
shell script from my .bat file in wine under wcmd?

If not, perhaps we should squeeze this functionality into Dan's 
start.exe implementation?  How would you feel about this, Dan?

Alternatively, if I could invoke my .bat file from the UNIX 
command-line, this would be just as good... but so far, the only way I 
have found is to run "wcmd" and type.  Does wcmd have some equivalent 
to bash's "-c" command-line argument?  Surely real cmd.exe has some 
such feature?



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