1995-era installshield woes - foreground window never appears

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sun Jan 19 20:02:31 CST 2003

All the installshield stuff in the msvc4 installer
seems to work -- except the Data Access Objects
installer. When you run it, you get to the first
screen with a big blue background, but the foreground
window never shows up. It's probably there, but
invisible, or something. Alt-tab doesn't help, and
the blue background is full-screen, so you can't
try moving it out of the way.   I have to alt-tab and ^C
(why that works, I dunno) to get out.

Any suggestions?  I'm having trouble figuring out how
to track this down; win32 gui problems aren't my forte.

I put a bzip2 log of
'wine --debugmsg +file,+exec,+proc,+relay _INS0466._MP'
on my web site:


Dan Kegel

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