1995-era installshield woes - foreground window never appears

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Sun Jan 19 23:31:18 CST 2003

Greg Turner wrote:
> I'm not sure that doesn't qualify as a bug in my book...  I think you 
> are right to point out that it may not be easy to fix properly.  But 
> even if its a feature, it's a confusing one.

Yep, IMHO it's a bug.  I guess the Wine FAQ should have an entry
    Q. I'm trying to install something.  The first thing that
       shows up is a dialog box saying "Setup is preparing the
       InstallShield wizard...", then I just get a big blue screen
       with the name of the product in the background, and it sits
       there forever.
    A. Try editing ~/.wine/config and change the line that says
         Managed = "Y"
         Managed = "N"
       That works around a problem where Wine gets the Z-order of some
       windows wrong.  This problem will eventually be fixed.

> Presumably, your install is still failing, Dan?  Now that you have the 
> blue screen usurper taken care of, does winedbg speak to you?

Nah, the DAO install went fine after that.  I guess I'll move on to the
next issue, the MFC migration kit install, since fixing this bug appears
to be beyond my skill level for the moment.

Say, does anyone know what bug # this is in the bug database?
I had trouble searching just now...
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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