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Adam Treat manyoso at
Mon Jan 20 08:22:37 CST 2003

--- fenix at wrote:
> >Why not just port the GPL version of Qt to Windows?  The kde-cygwin project is doing that right
> I don't think it's a good idea :(
> Now, we only need a few classes and code for porting KWQ to windows specific code (and more
> platform optimised than Qt).
> While Qt need 10-15 huge base classes to be ported, and platform "tuning " on top level code
> (platform independent).
> And, i don't like the port idea, because trolltech use Qt under windows as main product, and
> porting the GPL version to windows ...

*sigh* yes, i agree this is a problem.  I don't want to hurt Trolltech, I just wish Qt could be
used as a GPL cross-platform lib.  Am still looking for a creative solution that would work for
both Trolltech and the community, so if anyone has any ideas... ;)

> In past, i have already done much of Qt (2.x version) porting under windows for a personal
> project. 
> A first implementation is really easy but for a real industrial one, you need too much code with
> too much problems (you have to understand well what the top levels classes do, etc...)
> >BTW, I have setup a project and already started porting the build stuff to use mingw32. 
> The mingw32 guy use a mix of win32 and unix compat layers (yakk) :(

I think you are speaking of cygwin here.  AFAIK, mingw creates native windows

> as i said before, i think helping the kwq-win32 project is the right way

yah, it sounds like KWQ is the answer for wines needs



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