Installshield 6 crash: ole trouble

Duane Clark dclark at
Mon Jan 20 21:44:45 CST 2003

Dan Kegel wrote:
> ...
> Copying and pasting from the wine debugger window
> is beyond me; it seems totally broken...

In ~/.wine/user.reg, look for the [Software\\Wine\\WineDbg] key and 
change "UseXTerm"=dword:00000000 (yes, zero is true for some reason).

Then in ~/.wine/system.reg, look for [Software\\Microsoft\\Windows 
NT\\CurrentVersion\\AeDebug] and set
"Debugger"="winedbg.exe --debugmsg -all %ld %ld"
___________________^^^^ put in the ".exe"

I think that was all I did to be able to run the debugger within an 
xterm. Cutting and pasting is now much easier.

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