Old PROGMAN DDE service for creating icons ?

Eric POUECH Eric.Pouech at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jan 21 06:00:11 CST 2003

> I'm vaguely tempted to write an xinetd for dde, so programs
> can accept dde messages on stdin and send responses via stdout :-)
> - Dan
the major concern here of course is how to start the DDE server(s) we would need to emulate window's behavior
- either we start an explorer equivalent for each wine session, which can be rather costly
- the xinetd proposition will be very hard to implement. in raw DDE management, the server lookup is separated from the message sending and it's quite difficult to cover all server lookup cases to actually launch the missing server (inetd only provides the mapping to the right server and the dynamic loading, but it won't solve the question of when to invoke inetd - which has to be done by wine anyway). server lookup methods include:
- does a window of a given class name exist
- broadcast to all toplevel windows of an init message

OTOH, implementing it only at DDEML level is way more easy, but won't cover all the cases (btw, I don't have any good idea of how much coverage we might lose in that case)


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