WWN interview idea

Brian Vincent vinn at theshell.com
Mon Jan 27 16:23:34 CST 2003

For a while now I've kicked around adding interviews to 
the Wine Weekly News.  Basically how it would work is I'll
email a bunch of you some questions, you can answer as many
as you'd like, and I'll include the interview in the Wine
Weekly News.  More than likely there will be a bit of an
email exchange so I can put some detail into it.  (For 
instance, I never liked the interviews that were done on
kde.org but the ones on kerneltrap.org are excellent.)
What I'd like to do is get about ten of them completed first
and publish them one at a time.  

They'll focus mostly on your involvement with Wine and 
the parts you've worked on.  With a little luck they'll
get into some of the technical details that someone 
wouldn't normally see discussed on the mailing list.

I guess I'm more interested to hear from you if you 
_don't_ want to take part.  Otherwise I'll assume you're
a target.

If you have any questions/comments/gripes or any other
suggestions for the Wine Weekly News let me know.

vinn at theshell.com

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