building a windows API database

Dave Miller compsol at
Mon Jan 27 19:03:23 CST 2003


I am interested in taking on the "build a database of windows APIs and 
dependencies" task.  I have started work on scripts to scan a windows 
system and list import/export information.  So far I can gather a list 
of dlls and run dumpbin on them, then parse imports (mostly, I think). 
 I've started with simply printing the parsed output in three columns. 
 The first is the DLL being scanned, the second is the DLL being 
imported, and the third is API imported.  I am unsure of one thing. 
 There is a 1 - 3 character hexadecimal number preceding almost every 
API.  What is it, and should it be included in the output?  Here is an 
example of what I am referring to:  The hexadecimal number, in the third 

c:\windows\system32/atiiiexx.dll        KERNEL32.dll    1AD 
c:\windows\system32/atiiiexx.dll        KERNEL32.dll    1B0 
c:\windows\system32/atiiiexx.dll        KERNEL32.dll    126 GetModuleHandleA
c:\windows\system32/atiiiexx.dll        USER32.dll      2AC wsprintfA
c:\windows\system32/atiiiexx.dll        USER32.dll      1DE PostMessageA
c:\windows\system32/atiiiexx.dll        USER32.dll      15E GetWindowTextA

Also I could use some direction on what the goals of this task are.  Do 
we want text output?  That makes a very large text file when listing all 
imported/exported APIs.  Do we actually want a database for this?

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