Patch for crash caused by XIM and make XIM functions properly (2ed)

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Jan 29 19:25:18 CST 2003

liu spider <liuspider at> writes:

> ChangLog:
> - controls/edit.c
>   new message type WM_IME_CHAR to handle XIM input.
> - dlls/x11drv/keyboard.c
>   new function XIM_KeyEvent to process XIM key events.
> - dlls/x11drv/window.c
>   new attributs added when creating a IC
> - dlls/x11drv/x11drv_main.c
>   exchange the order of XCloseDisplay and XCloseIM
> (otherwise it will crash when closed)
> (What's wrong with this patch? It seems to be ignored.)

It's not ignored, but I'm currently working in this area, and we also
have some related stuff in the Crossover tree, and I'm trying to bring
everything together into a coherent whole; so it will eventually be
committed in one form or another, but I have to spend a bit more time
on this first.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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