some ntdll functions [Virus checked]

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed Jan 29 20:44:40 CST 2003

<thomas.mertes at> wrote:

> IMHO RtlUpperChar has nothing to do for unicode chars.
> Is there a way to use Wine internal code page to do the conversion without
> converting to unicode and back?

Wine has only unicode case conversion tables and currently there is no way
to avoid forth and back conversions.

> BTW: If it is not ok to use toupper several other places in wine have a
> problem:
> $ grep toupper */*.c */*/*.c */*/*/*.c  | grep -v toupperW | grep -v
> str_toupper
> in wine-20030115 gives a longer list of usages of toupper.
> Specially msvcrt toupper seems also to use the function from libc.

Also there are another cases, such as calls to libc's wctomb and similar
violations. Sure, all that cases should be fixed. But at least we should
try to not introduce new code which causes huge troubles in international


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