[RFC] The Wine UI page

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jan 30 14:59:43 CST 2003

>>IMO, this type of information should be integrated in current status page.
> Sure, it's just so much easier to work with it on my site.
> I am a bit concerned that merging this page with the big
> status page will result in a huge page that is not that
> useful. I think that UI elements deserve a special place
> (I have not explained yet why I think so, that's another
> matter). Nevertheless, once this thing stabilizes, it can
> be integrated in the big status page if people feel it's
> a good idea. Or we can put it on the official site as a
> separate page, and link to it from the main status page.
> Details, let's get the content down first. :)

what worries me is that status, from a DLL point of view, could be seen 
from different angles:
- current status page gives an overall status, without focusing on any 
particular detail
- you start creating another status page about the UI status of Wine
- some good other fellow might want to start with, say, Unicode status 
in various DLLs or level of comments or attached bugs or...

this matrix about status(es): on one side the various DLLs we're working 
on, on the other side some metrics/characteristics we want to 
highlight... and working only by rows or columns is not very efficient
I also agree that working on the ful matrix would be also difficult (at 
least to put it in place)

another piece, I forgot about some other control(s) (and here it's more 
than a simple control):
- MCIWndClass in msvideo/msvfw32


Eric Pouech

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