6 question

Moreno morenoca at freemail.it
Mon Jul 7 05:11:18 CDT 2003


1) How can i use winemenubuilder?
it doesn't give any error.
i try:
# wine winemenubuilder "c:\\Notes 5.lnk"
Where it set the menu?

2) I think to a new application to add to wine. This application help a
to trasfer application from windows to wine. I mean the main problem is
the key in the registry. If an application give u to select the
application and that application make a reg file with the kay take from
the registry for that application, it's more simple to trasfer that to a

3) I'm new, and i try to start to understand how wine work, but the main
problem is that i don't find something talk on that.

4) What can i use to read sgml?

5) there is a freeware game
that if i start like:
# wine d:\\xo\xo.exe
don't work but if i start that from winefile work correctly. Why?

6) debug! i have an application that don't give any exception, or better
trap the exception. i need to a particolar point of the execution to
enter in a debuger how can i?


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