Question about IPC between WINE and other processes

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Jul 10 16:08:26 CDT 2003

Lechun wrote:
> Now I am trying to run our own developed application under wine, the 
> original function of this app is working as a background daemon without
> GUI who is trying to figure out some window information under the current
> cursor, such as the window title, class name using GetWindowTitle,
> GetClassName ... WIN32 API calls.
> When I run this under WINE, it can't "see" any other Local X application
> windows such as Xterm, Xclock... which don't run under WINE. 
> I am wondering whether I can recompile the codes to generate a lcoal
> X application using winelib to solve this problem, or I must write X11
> based codes?

Why not use sockets for IPC?  Have the background daemon open up
a listening socket bound to, and have the foreground app
that wants to talk to the daemon connect to that socket.

Or does the daemon actually need GUI information for some reason?
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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