something I intend working on that will help make wine "more complete"

Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed Jul 16 10:12:58 CDT 2003

Le mer 16/07/2003 à 10:00, Jonathan Wilson a écrit :
> Basicly, I am going to compare what functions WINE exports from different 
> dlls, say, kernel32.dll or whatever with what Windows XP SP1 exports from 
> the same dll. If there is anything "missing" from the WINE version, then it 
> needs to be added (even if its just a "fixme" stub)
> Would such work be any use?
> Has this work already been dome by someone?

If you don't have a program which crashes because of unimplemented API
(ie, tries to call 0xdeadbeef), I'm not sure it's worth it to just stub
the rest of the functions. Some stubs are adequate substitutes for a
real implementation, while others will make the application behave
strangely. It'll be difficult to discriminate between bad and don't care
stubs, while an unimplemented function is easy to come by and then
decide if only a stub is enough or not.


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