Question about Own generated winelib dll using winedump

dd jj xmen21cn at
Fri Jul 18 17:12:08 CDT 2003

Hello everyone,
I followed instructions from winedump/README:
./pingdll_install <wine-path>
cd <wine-path>
make depend && make
make install

But didn't execute the last command make install, (It seems I crashed WINE after that)
I still get my own generated winelib dll - :)
But when I try to run my application, it shows the error:
err:module:imort_dll No implementation for pingdll.dll._quicktest at 4 imported from C:\ping\ping_slave.exe, setting to Oxdeadbeef.
The window native dll works fine under wine, but now it seems I didn't generate the winelib dll corretly? or any trick to make it work? Do I must run make install... ?
Thanks a lot!

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