Warning on Alpha Linux

Todd Vierling tv at pobox.com
Sat Jul 19 11:15:47 CDT 2003

On Sat, 19 Jul 2003, Vincent Béron wrote:

: That's an easy one. One an Alpha, sizeof(int) != sizeof(foo *). I think
: sizeof(int) == 8, while sizeof(foo *) == 4.

Other way round.  sizeof(int) == 4; sizeof(void *) == 8.

: gcc is kind enough to warn you about this potentially nasty situation,
: although in these particular cases I don't see how putting the pointer
: in something larger will create a problem.

Use intptr_t.  If that's not available (via autoconf test), typedef intptr_t
to be "unsigned long" locally, as "long" is the size of a pointer on all
typical ILP32 and LP64 hosts.

-- Todd Vierling <tv at pobox.com>

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