Question about using DLL generated by winemaker.

dd jj xmen21cn at
Tue Jul 22 18:19:07 CDT 2003

Hello Rodrick,
Thanks a lot for your advices, now I am able to use winemaker to generate (it take me a long time, lots of copiler errors there :) ). 
But somehow when I run my application under wine:
%wine ./ping.exe
It just terminate itself. (I suppose it should wait for user's input here) but it return back to prompt state:
Did you happen to know what's the problem, I checked it and found it seems the works, but somehow terminate the whole program... really wield.
All the best.

Roderick Colenbrander <thunderbird2k at> wrote:
The tool winedump is used if I'm right to create a "stub" (empty) dll from a 
M$ dll. In your case since you have the source code and all you should use 
winemaker. There are dozens of options to give it to create an exectuble, a 
library and so on. Just copy the full windows source over and winemaker 
should create makefiles.

Good Luck,

On Sunday 20 July 2003 23:29, dd jj wrote:
> Hello,
> After reading winedump/README, I am still confused about how to generate a
> wine dll since there's no example described.
> Originally I followed the example described by "spec mode: Generating stub
> DLLs", later I found what I need is to "reimplement a Win32 DLL for Unix",
> I am wondering whether anyone can give a detailed sample to show how to do
> that...
> Now I have 'pingdll.dll'(generated by MS visual studio), and source code
> 'pingdll.h','pingdll.c'...
> So my final goal is to generate a wine dll - taking place of
> native dll(ping.dll) completly which can be called when I run:( I also need
> to change the wine's config to anounce 'Dlloveride: "pingdll" =
> "builtin,native")
> % wine ./ping.exe
> In such a way, I can implement some functionality through linux shared
> library without the restriction of WINE spave if using native dll under
> WINE).
> Could you please help me out of this?
> Thanks a lot.
> -Lechun
> Steven Edwards wrote:
> > Now I am trying to use winemaker to build a winelib dll from windows
> > source code, Could anyone give some instructions about the implementation
> > details? Or any useful info and samples there?
> It seems to me the easy way to build a WINElib dll ATM is not to use
> Winemaker but to use winedump to create the spec and add the dll to
> wine/dlls/newdllname.
> Thanks
> Steven
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