I need card back bitmaps

Jonathan Wilson jonwil at tpgi.com.au
Wed Jul 23 21:51:37 CDT 2003

Before I continue with cards.dll work, I need card back bitmaps, specificly:
back 53, a diamond cross-hatch background. This one should have black lines 
on a white background, its used as an indicator for where cards can go but 
where there are no cards yet. (e.g. the empty ace piles in solitare)
back 67 big red X on a dark green background (the green is RGB 0 128 0, it 
has to match the background used in e.g. solitare, the red should be a 
bright red)
68 big bright green O on a dark green background (green is as above, other 
green should be bright green)

Basicly, I need them to not be a potential MS copyright violation but at 
the same time I need them to look "similar" to the MS ones so that they 
dont look out of place in solitare and stuff.

These 3 are important because cards.dll has a 3 special drawing modes that 
draws them.

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